Inspiring a culture of generational inclusion where an attitude of curiosity leads to understanding, mutual, respect, and collaboration.


Leveraging Generational Intelligence to Attract, Engage and Retain Your Top Talent

Creating a Culture of Generational Diversity and Inclusion

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How Well Do You Work with Millennials?

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“Shawn’s presentation changed the way we work together. Overall, it made us more respectful of the different generational ‘lens’ we each see things through.”

Dr. Michelle Beeson

“Shawn’s keynote presentation exceeded our expectations. She had everyone in the audience nodding their heads, raising their hands, and asking questions.”

Taylor L. Cole, TV Host, Exec Producer, Podcaster at

“Shawn did a great job providing an overview of cultural differences across generations and explaining the reasons why each generation has different values, leadership preferences, and communication styles. She also further tailored the presentation to help our attendees better understand how this knowledge can be applied to both their personal and professional lives.”

Kimberley James, Levitt Foundation

“Shawn Johnson is a leader in helping organizations embrace generational differences in order to attract, retain, and engage a more creative and collaborative team. Her deep knowledge of generational similarities and differences enables her to effectively train teams on how to best connect with customers and vendors of different generations. If you desire to build a thriving multi-generational team, I highly recommend working with Shawn!”

Dave Rudko, President and COO at Better Way Coaching

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