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Shawn provides proven strategies that transform the way generations work together leading to increased trust, collaboration, and innovation.


Leveraging Generational Intelligence to Attract, Engage and Retain Your Top Talent

Creating a Culture of Generational Diversity and Inclusion

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How Well Do You Work with Millennials?

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“With Shawn’s stage presence and relevant content, her message was loud and clear on how to advance teams to better performances.”

Darlene White, Educator

“Shawn covered points I hadn’t considered, like expecting my younger employees to check emails!!!! I never considered that I just expect them to know.”

Bonnie Schmidt, Manager of Technical Training

“I loved learning with Shawn. She not only helped me understand the different components of the DISC assessment, but also taught it in a way that was engaging, fun and easy to understand. She gave real life examples that helped me be able to apply it to my day to day business.”

Annbel Mendoza, Insurance Company Owner

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