Shawn Johnson - Multi-Generational Solutions Expert

Shawn Johnson - Certified Virtual PresenterBegin with Curiosity

My sense of curiosity began early in life as I grew up working side by side with my great grandparents, grandparents, parents, and siblings. I learned many valuable lessons from these family members. I was especially close to my great grandparents and grandparents. I would ask them questions and they would share their stories, experiences, and perspectives. These stories have stayed with me through the years giving me wisdom and direction in life.

Today, I’m curious to learn more from younger generations, including my millennial children who give me new ideas and help me stay current on technology, AI, and much more. They inspire me with their drive and energy. I don’t always agree with them, and that’s ok. The collision of these different perspectives is what opens the door to important conversations and expanded opportunities.

I have always been passionate about personal growth, and a few decades ago that passion became focused on leadership development. I began working with the John Maxwell team members and became especially interested in the ways that different age professionals think about leadership and work. Believe it or not, my best reviews came from training the “younger” participants, or self-described “millennials.”

Training and learning from various age groups made me even more curious, wanting to lean in to better understand… Why do we think differently? Why do we label generations and is that helpful? How could generations work together more effectively and enthusiastically? What does parenting style have to do with this discussion? How has life changed for women over generations? And so many more questions. I was completely intrigued.

I now share what I have learned and continue to learn with organizations so that they are better equipped to build a generationally inclusive culture where communication is easy, and teams are thriving.

I have discovered that these organizations are clearer about their competitive advantage, have higher profits, and lower turnover. People seek out these organizations and want to work there.

It all begins with an attitude of curiosity and a desire to understand each other. This leads to a culture of generational inclusion where every person, regardless of their age, is respected and valued.

Why Shawn?

Because her solutions for finding and keeping the best people include:

Attracting and developing inspiring leaders at every level

Motivating and engaging a multi-generational workplace

Communicating effectively using a common vocabulary

Reasons You Should Listen to Shawn Johnson

  • Experience teaching and mentoring Millennials for decades
  • Recently have facilitated (led) Leadership Mastermind classes with Millennials and other generations
  • Leadership position in the “Growing Young” movement to empower younger generations by “giving them the keys.”
  • University Guest Lecturer for leadership classes (currently)
  • Extensive research: my own as well as others
  • Multi-generation focus group
  • Experience in working in numerous industries (much like Millennials and Gen Zs will do)
    • Industries include silicone rubber, steel manufacturing, advertising, wholesale marketing, couture apparel, office equipment and EDM software, pharmaceuticals, hospital marketing, Medical DME
    • Corporate environment, privately owned companies, my own independent contractor business
    • Positions in Management, Sales and Marketing


  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing
  • John Maxwell Team Certification
  • Behavioral Consultant Certification
  • Positive Psychology Certificate
  • Life Coach Certification from Light University
  • Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Certification
  • Next Generation Facilitator Certification


  • Dale Carnegie “Human Relations Award” and “Reporting Award”
  • John Maxwell Certification Scholarship
  • Outstanding Sales Achievement Award 1995
  • Kennedy Group Peak Performance Award 1998 and 2000
  • Professional Woman of the Year 2014


“Shawn Johnson is insightful and a joy to listen to.”

Lorie Brown, Instructional Designer at ATD

“My team was inspired and motivated by Shawn’s attitude and the information she provided.”

Randa Crisler, Vice President at The Portico Collection

Have questions?

Reach out to Shawn by, or use the online email form on the contact page.