Shawn Johnson - Multi-Generational Solutions Expert

Shawn Johnson - Certified Virtual Presenter Shawn Johnson is a speaker and trainer whose passion is working with emerging leaders from younger generations. As a baby boomer, she uses her many years of experience teaching and coaching millennials to bring understanding to a multi-generational workplace.

Shawn is a member of the John Maxwell Team and recipient of the John Maxwell International Certification Scholarship. She is also a Certified DISC Behavioral Analysis Consultant and has completed courses in Positive Psychology.

Why Shawn?

Because her solutions for finding and keeping the best people include:

Attracting and developing inspiring leaders at every level

Motivating and engaging a multi-generational workplace

Communicating effectively using a common vocabulary

Reasons You Should Listen to Shawn Johnson

  • Experience teaching and mentoring Millennials for decades
  • Recently have facilitated (led) Leadership Mastermind classes with Millennials and other generations
  • Leadership position in the “Growing Young” movement to empower younger generations by “giving them the keys.”
  • University Guest Lecturer for leadership classes (currently)
  • Extensive research: my own as well as others
  • Multi-generation focus group
  • Experience in working in numerous industries (much like Millennials and Gen Zs will do)
    • Industries include silicone rubber, steel manufacturing, advertising, wholesale marketing, couture apparel, office equipment and EDM software, pharmaceuticals, hospital marketing, Medical DME
    • Corporate environment, privately owned companies, my own independent contractor business
    • Positions in Management, Sales and Marketing


  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing
  • John Maxwell Team Certification
  • Behavioral Consultant Certification
  • Positive Psychology Certificate
  • Life Coach Certification from Light University
  • Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Certification
  • Next Generation Facilitator Certification


  • Dale Carnegie “Human Relations Award” and “Reporting Award”
  • John Maxwell Certification Scholarship
  • Outstanding Sales Achievement Award 1995
  • Kennedy Group Peak Performance Award 1998 and 2000
  • Professional Woman of the Year 2014

Have questions?

Reach out to Shawn by, or use the online email form on the contact page.