Shawn Johnson - Multi-Generational Solutions Expert


Coaching has made a huge difference in my own life in so many ways!   I have had several awesome coaches who have helped me with clarity, focus and so much more! As a certified life coach and executive coach, it is my goal to help you!

John Maxwell Team Certified Member Light University Certification The Maxwell DISC Method Certification

Individual Coaching

Are you living the story you want to tell? Do you have a dream or a purpose that you are hesitating to pursue? As your coach I provide tools and assessments to empower and equip you to pursue the life you desire!   I’m also here to cheer for you and help you stick to your plan!

Are you working in your area of strength?  Do you have a career transition in mind? I can help you with tools to work through that process and design the work-life that will energize you!

Would you like to be a better leader? Whether at work or in your personal life, coaching can help you to become more effective and influential with others!

The benefits of coaching include setting better goals that truly motivate you, making fewer mistakes, and moving up to the next level professionally and personally. Having a coach increases accountability which over time saves you time and money!

As your coach, I am always there to support you with proven techniques and tools that enable you to make the best choices for your life!

Team Coaching

When teams do not work well together it can lead to costly turnover. Team or group coaching is about the connection, communication and community that occurs when teams learn to interact in a more positive way! In my own experience, team coaching has changed the behavior of participants in such a powerful way that problem employees became star performers.

Great teams are diverse teams! They are more innovative and collaborative. In today’s multi-generational world of work, the strongest teams include people from several generations. Coaching encourages team members to embrace their differences as well as individual strengths.

“The result is a workplace that mixes, matches, and blends the best of each generation’s ideas and practices to design a smarter, better and more inclusive experience of work for everyone.”

Lindsay Pollak, author of the Remix