• Wireless clip on microphone
  • Screen or monitor for PowerPoint presentation (including cord for connection)
  • Large Whiteboard (markers and eraser)
  • Small podium
  • Flipchart and markers (workshops only)


  • Moderator introduction
  • Bottled water
  • Table for Shawn’s information


  • Air travel and hotel prepaid

Photos of Shawn

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Speaker Introduction / Bio

Shawn is passionate about generations working together!  She knows, from first-hand experience, that when teams of all ages work together, everyone wins!  She also knows that audience members love to talk and laugh about generational nostalgia and preferences.  Her message includes generational trivia and fun stories that emphasize the positive attributes of each generation.  At the same time, she helps the audience understand how our formative years influence our work preferences.  The audience is inspired to embrace the value of each generation.

Growing up in a four-generation family business, Shawn experienced the collision of older and younger generations working together at an early age.  She has a B.S. in marketing from the University of Nebraska and is an award-winning sales and marketing professional.  Her professional certifications include being a member of the John Maxwell Team and DISC Behavioral Consultant. Recently she published her first book “Strategies for Generational Inclusion at Work.”   She is a guest presenter at a local university and enjoys facilitating workshops with young emerging leaders.

For Shawn, the transition from sales professional to speaker and trainer happened gradually.  Working with young leaders inspired her to “bridge the gap” between younger and older generations.  She identifies as a Baby Boomer who enjoys spending time with every generation and appreciates the fresh perspectives of Millennials and Gen Z.  She loves doing jigsaw puzzles with her husband and Millennial children and compares that friendly collaboration to the age-inclusive culture of successful organizations!  Just as each family member has a different way of looking at the pieces and finding where they fit, each team member in an inclusive culture brings a unique point of view which makes the organization complete.

Personal Information: (optional)

Shawn has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Nebraska. She is married to Ronnie Johnson and they have two grown (millennial) children, Kiefer and Chloe. Shawn’s childhood home is in South Dakota, a state she loves during the months of May through September. She is not a native Texan but claims that “she got here as quickly as she could!”

Have questions?

Reach out to Shawn by 843-618-0977Shawn@ShawnJohnsonSpeaks.com, or use the online email form on the contact page.