“Shawn recently presented a workshop on ‘Motivating Across Generations’ and I heard nothing but positive feedback from folks that attended.”

Beth Peters, VP of Lending, Unity One Credit Union at Fort Worth Chapter of Credit Unions

“With Shawn’s stage presence and relevant content, her message was loud and clear on how to advance teams to better performance.”

Darlene White, Principal at Private High School

“Shawn presented to our group her topic called Motivating and Communicating Across Generations. We were engaged and enjoyed the talk and the conversations that she facilitated. No matter your group, this talk will open your eyes to how others around you are thinking and some of their motivations that are different from yours. Great stuff!”

Jeff Klein, President at Speaker Coop

“There’s never been a more critical time in our economic history to understand what employees want, what keeps them engaged, what provides purpose. With up to five generations in our workforce, one strategy that fits all will not work, and it’s showing. I’ve known Shawn for a while now. I’ve seen her speak twice. Her latest presentation on Customizing Training for a Multi-Generational Audience was eye opening. She has the generational knowledge that helps ensure all employees feel respected, valued, and included. She can help organizations cultivate a sense of belonging from Gen Z all the way to Traditionalists.”

C. Jeremy Jamison, Co-Founder & Partner, Founder & Leadership Coach, Alpha-Logos at Collective Resilience Institute

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