Shawn Johnson’s Keynote:

Developing Emerging Leaders:

Leadership is important at every level of the organization. Poor leadership leads to high turnover and low productivity. According to research from HRDIVE, 59% of those promoted to management have no leadership training preparing them for their new role. Creating a strong leadership development program equips your organization to attract, engage and retain the best leaders. There are five strategies for growing leadership in your organization which will increase engagement at every level.

Leadership and management are two separate things. In this world of rapid change, leaders are needed more than ever before. When good employees are promoted to management roles without developing leadership skills, they become “positional managers.” The only reason people follow them is because they are required to do so. Positional managers will create high turnover and make attracting the best people difficult for your organization. Leadership development at every level prepares emerging leaders to lead and manage effectively. There are short term and long-term solutions for leadership development.

Great leaders know how to lead at every level of the organization. John Maxwell says that 99% of leadership happens from the middle of the organization. When everyone understands how to lead from their current position, they are more enthusiastic and engaged. This type of leader knows that supporting the team is most important. They feel secure in their job and are more creative problem solvers.

Today’s leaders must be ready to adapt and make a shift at any time. Our world is not static, and neither is leadership. There are 7 daily practices that will help your leaders prepare for whatever happens next.   Leadership success is the result of our daily habits. As leadership author, Jim Rohn, says “success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day.”

Younger generations want to become better leaders. Research indicates that leadership training and development will help your organization attract, engage, and retain the best people!

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