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Our values influence our behavior. They are the filter through which we view the world, guiding our attitudes, integrity, and choices.

Misunderstanding occurs when we work with people whose values clash with our own. And taking it a step further, conflict occurs when individual values clash with organizational values.

A values workshop is an interactive team activity that explores each team member’s values as well as your organization’s values. The end result is a more cohesive and productive climate where team members feel understood and appreciated.

How a Values Workshop Helps Your Team

Strengthen connections and collaboration

The values exercise creates a discussion that promotes a better understanding of what is important to each team member. Everyone hears and feels heard.

Motivate team members in their best ways

What motivates one person may not motivate another. Learn how each person on your team is motivated and then be equipped to do so.

Link personal values with company values

When your employees see the tie-in of their personal values with your company's values, they take greater ownership of their work.

Is a values workshop the right option for your organization?

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