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Generational Workshops

The problem with some workshops is that people leave without really learning anything helpful that they can use every day. Frequently a week or even a day later, they can’t remember much about the workshop. That’s not the case here!

Generational workshops are fun and effective because they are experiential. Everyone participates!

Providing training for generations in the workplace can help your teams to better understand each other, avoid unnecessary conflict or miscommunications, and work more effectively together.

How A Generational Workshop Can Help Your Team

Customized to your needs

I use input from you and your team to tailor the workshop to your specific challenges, as well as your desired results.

Addresses your challenges

We begin by discussing the challenges your team faces and understanding them in the context of generational differences.

Ongoing until you succeed

We follow up with a second workshop to see what's working and what needs improvement. I support you until your team experiences the results we defined at the beginning.

Outcomes of a Generational Workshop

  • Explain generational differences and their impact on the modern workforce.
  • Describe the factors that influence and help determine where one generation stops and another begins.
  • Explain the values of each generation and experiences common to each group’s members.
  • Incorporate communication strategies to work better with members of different generations.

Is a workshop the right option for your organization?

Schedule some time with me to find out!

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